4155 Hwy. 57
Counce, Tennessee 38326
(731) 689-3805

(2 miles west of Counce, TN)


Thursday 5:00~9:00

Friday and Saturday 5:00 ~ 9:30

Sunday - 11:30 ~ 9:00


The Tasting Room

Mr. Knussmann would like to welcome you to the Tasting Room. Since web technology has yet to advance to this stage, you will have to settle for a mouth-watering description and a few enticing photos.

Our Smoked Catfish is marinated overnight in a brine solution. The 1-pound (dressed weight) fish is cleaned, headed, and skinned prior to soaking. In the morning, the crew places the "hooker-bobbers" on the top of the fish, and pepper them thoroughly. Next, the fish are hung tail-down from the smoking racks of the specially designed smoker. Hickory saw dust is then placed in the base heating elements so as to slowly release the smoke as the temperature ramps up throughout the day.

On the days the restaurant is open, several slabs of pork ribs will keep the fish company in the smoker. Frequent slathering of Betty's barbecue sauce are applied to the ribs throughout the process.

If the smoke don't get ya, the shrimp-boil will! If your mouth isn't watering yet, let me direct your attention to the Louisiana-style shrimp on the boil, to the left of the smoker. A few years ago, Quent and Betty went to visit Quent's brother Bob outside of New Orleans. There they collected the necessary spices and boiling techniques to compliment the fish and ribs.

You haven't lived until you have tried at least one dozen Hush Puppies from The Pickwick Catfish Farm Hush Puppies are deep-fried golden morsels. The are a mixture of corn meal, flour, onion, egg, pepper and other spices. This mixture is scooped up and rolled off the finger tips - an exact science - to form a delicious round ball, about the size of a golf ball.

Top all this off with a healthy slice of sweet onion - either Texas 1015's or Vidalia's - add some French fries an coleslaw and you have ... a plate of the finest! After all, The Knussmann's have been cooking catfish at Pickwick Catfish Farm for over 25 years!

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