4155 Hwy. 57
Counce, Tennessee 38326
(731) 689-3805

(2 miles west of Counce, TN)


Thursday 5:00~9:00

Friday and Saturday 5:00 ~ 9:30

Sunday - 11:30 ~ 9:00


Pickwick Catfish Farm Restaurant

Watin' for the Restaurant to open...

Opening at 5 on Friday and Saturday, the crowds gather early to get the first batch of hush puppies.

Welcome to Pickwick Catfish Farm Restaurant


As you walk in, you will see all of the photographs on the walls. Whenever someone buys a t-shirt, they get the honor of posing for one of the "walls of fame". Several hundred photos, some spreading over three generations, brighten the walls.





Wait-staffTypically, the Staff has a blast.  When things get busy, they are scurrying between the dining room and kitchen, stopping just long enough to kick the door shut with their big toe (it's one of those things you'd have to see to understand).  Once the evening rush is under way, the time flies!  They work as a team, taking care of the crowds.  If you ever visit, be sure to ask about the "Party Room". It is reserved for special guests of the family.


Sizing up the young ones.


Generations of kids growing upAs the "regulars" come by, Mrs. Knussmann invites the young tots to get measured -pencil atop head- on the kitchen door jam. Parents bring their kids to find the scratch marks on the door from 20 years ago.






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