4155 Hwy. 57
Counce, Tennessee 38326
(731) 689-3805

(2 miles west of Counce, TN)


Thursday 5:00~9:00

Friday and Saturday 5:00 ~ 9:30

Sunday - 11:30 ~ 9:00


The Ponds

Happy Graham

The Fish Farming operation expands over 10 ponds. The ponds are gravity-fed ranging in size from 1/2 to 2.5 acres. In a good year, several hundred thousand fingerlings will hatch in the spring. As the fish mature, they are distributed to various ponds, based on size. Excess fingerlings are sold to local area farmers to stock their own ponds.

20 acres of pondsAt harvest time, a large seine is passed through the water, penning the fish in to one corner of the ponds. Then the fun begins! Net to bucket, bucket to truck, truck to tank - pound for pound, the fish are hauled up the bank and placed in holding tanks until they are cleaned and then flash frozen.





An aerial view of the Pickwick Catfish Farm Restaurant, before the cars cover the gravel.

View from the top

Did you ever think about buying a Catfish Farm?



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