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Pickwick Catfish Farm Smoked Catfish
Pickwick Catfish Farm

We are now accepting credit cards for Smoked Fish orders!

Two hours east of Memphis and 4 miles west of Pickwick Dam, Tennessee is the home Pickwick Catfish Farm.  There you'll find some of the tastiest fried and smoked catfish anywhere.  This web site will give you a hint of what Pickwick Catfish Farm has to offer.  Please take the virtual tour with owners Quentin and Betty Knussmann and ... enjoy.

If you have already been on the tour, consider entering the Tasting Room. Pickwick Catfish Farm's Smoked Catfish is a specialty! The aroma of the hickory smoke is like none other.

Those who live close enough can dine in or carry-out. On the other hand, the poor folks living outside the Pickwick area must settle for mail order to experience the best smoked fish or to buy the T-shirts.

Pickwick Smoked Catfish are cured with all natural preservatives, and smoked.  They are fully cooked and may be served heated, cold or at room temperature.  They may also be frozen upon arrival.  Check out the Recipe Page to learn more.

The Knussmann's have been serving and shipping catfish from the restaurant since 1974.  Previously a fish processing plant, the restaurant has taken on a new life - cool in the summer, hot in the winter (the pot-belly stove is always well-stoked).

As you might have guessed, the kitchen is where it all happens. Mrs. K and her always-smiling staff are dropping hush puppies or mixing slaw until everyone is satisfied (did I tell you this is an "all-you-can-eat" place). When the bell rings, clear the door-way because some fine fish will be flying through.

After you have enjoyed the tasting room, consider walking around the ponds. Pickwick Catfish Farm has over 20 acres of water. Finally, come back in and relax in one of the front booths, chat with the Knussmann's, look at the 20 years of Pickwick Catfish Farm T-shirt photographs or page through some of the books mentioning their fine Smoked Catfish.

We have been shipping smoked catfish nation-wide for over 40 years.

The farm is  no longer for sale!

Please e-mail us with questions or comments about our Smoked Catfish.

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